Little drops make an ocean!



Our commitment to food also implies that we have a responsibility to fight hunger and eliminate wastage. Our involvement in various community-based initiatives are listed below

‘NO Hunger’ program
The NO Hunger program was designed with a single and simple self-explanatory motto – Combat the concept of hunger and malnutrition and eliminate the same by proactively engaging with various stakeholders and affected parties at various levels. This is done through

Encourage employees to develop a spirit of service to support hunger-relief initiatives in local communities.

Knowledge Sharing
Undertake food waste education campaigns in corporate campuses and catering locations and provide life-skills training and opportunities for the underprivileged, unemployed and homeless.

Food donation
Donate perishable and non-perishable food to relief organizations

Financial donations
Support programs that combat hunger and malnutrition on a broader scale, delivered by reputed public and private agencies. We are also involved with organizations like ‘Little Drops’ near Sriperumbadur in ensuring that their daily food requirements are met.

Food Festivals and Promotional Programs
In the fast-paced lifestyles of today, Proodle delivers a gentle break from the monotony, whilst bringing an educational twist with our food festivals and promotional programs. It generates excitement and vibe on the campus, educates end consumers of their diet choices, their need for being health conscious, about traditional recipes and food.

Innovative programs designed to involve and educate employees on eating right, avoiding food wastage and in making healthy choices.

Sample programs include ‘Muligai Virundu’ (Feast prepared with a herbal base), Millenium food festival etc.

Focus on traditional ingredients, recipes and health benefits associated with the same.

Helps to avoid food fatigue and break the monotony on campus.


Where there is a will, there is a way

In keeping up with our overall vision and mission and encouraging a legacy-based approach to any activity, Proodle beings deep commitment to environmental matters as well. Our approach is based on the principles of sustainability and responsible care and action at every level. Various factors relating to the environment and the possible impact are also considered before finalizing various business decisions and strategies.

Key initiatives in this area include

Developing a wider understanding of environmental issues, the present and possible impact of activities on the environment amongst our suppliers, end customers, employees, local communities and other stakeholders.

Encouraging all employees to turn off computers, lights and other electronic equipment when leaving the office.

Promoting walking commutes and carpooling where feasible.

Educating employees, suppliers, consumers and local communities about food wastage and the need to prevent the same.

Beach Cleaning – Once a year, all our employees descend on one of the popular beaches in Chennai and help in beach clean-up. This action is all the more pertinent, since Chennai has one of the longest beaches in the world.