Colleague Engagement

Our people are our best resource and as we ensure that every employee of ours is given an active avenue to voice opinions, speak out, feel included, be encouraged and attains growth.

Our culture is based on a collaborative, rather than a strict top down, approach and this creates a world of difference in the way we work, as a unit and in our impact on various activities, including our CSR initiatives.

Key features of our engagement process include

Internal feedback mechanisms, job satisfaction surveys and development opportunities.

Focus on identifying and encouraging talent.

Succession planning

Talent reviews, rigorous induction programs and planned career paths and avenues.

Loyalty bonus and long service awards

Learning and Development

Every day carries a learning experience in itself and this fact is recognized and embraced by us earnestly.

We have a number of in-house programs to ensure that individuals at every level have the opportunity to develop themselves personally and professionally in various capacities. This ensures that the full potential of an individual is recognized and developed and that employees also have a sense of loyalty and ownership to what they do.