Food Service - Healthcare

Extending support and care through quality meals


In many hospitals, healthcare staff, visitors and care givers are often pressed for time and choose to eat within the hospital premises itself. Quality food is fundamental to healthy living and our years of experience in this domain help us satisfy a broad palate and deliver a system that is suitable for stand-alone hospitals as well as for integrated health systems. Our services include a combination of retail food courts and shops, staff restaurants and special menu creation for specific patient requirements.

We have a performance and metrics-driven approach in determining what works and does not work in a particular environment. This gives us the ability to transform the dining experience, improve food court profitability and scale the operations model gradually, without any compromise on consumer satisfaction. Our partnerships with leading brands, as well as our specialized in-house brands cater to any specific end-to- end requirements that may arise as well.

Key Proodle differentiators

World class menu choice and professional nutrition expertise.

Efficient, warm and polite service.

Ability to cater to special patient requirements, as well as to the needs of hospital staff, visitors and care givers.

Robust, yet flexible, partner for private hospitals with tailor made contracts to suit needs and requirements.

Transformed dining experience and improved consumer satisfaction.

Creation of a relaxed and stress-free ambience for dining supplemented by wide menu choices.

Open loop feedback and potential enhancement systems.

Exclusive gourmet meals with strong focus on holistic nutrition, health needs and eating pleasure for patient wellness and satisfaction.

Ability to enhance the health, wellness, engagement and atmosphere at the premises through innovative food catering principles.