Food Service - Education

Sharp minds for a brighter tomorrow


Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders and good nutrition goes a long way in developing healthy minds and bodies, thereby helping students achieve their dreams. Our fresh menus are cooked to perfection and our optimized menu plans and service excellence are sure to turn heads in the right sense and add lustre to your institution’s academic and sport accomplishments.

We walk the extra mile in trying to understand the needs and wants of students, staff and all related stakeholders to deliver healthy, nutritious solutions and offer a broad spectrum of menu choices. Our capabilities include operation of residential dining outlets, food courts, coffee shops, event food service and specialist restaurants. Our partnerships with leading brands, as well as our specialized in- house brands cater to any specific requirements without any financial complications.

Key Proodle differentiators

Health and nutrition focussed approach to catering. Rather than enforce decisions, we take a communicative and information-based approach.

Collaborative approach to menu engineering that considers student and staff inputs to increase satisfaction levels.

Diverse menu choices and innovative culinary solutions right from ethnic to exotic.

Promoting wellness programs and working to eliminate obesity and unhealthy eating habits from young.

World class customer service and food-delivery ambience.

Open loop feedback and potential enhancement systems.

Seasonal food choices and periodic food festivals.

Contracts can be customised according to the needs and budget of our clients.

Regular benchmarking of food trends to offer the latest and the best.

Attractive menu options to trigger student curiosity and motivate them to healthy eating habits.

Refreshing take on the existing food items and ability to innovate, exceed expectations and break set mindsets regarding food.