Food Service - Corporates & Services

Uncompromising quality for holistic wellbeing


Proodle’s corporate services combine the very best of food with the highest levels of service to deliver inspiring meal times in your premises. Tailored to our customer’s requirements and with the capability to cater to out-of- station guests, we bring outstanding flexibility, ease, variety and quality to our operations. Our facilities are thus true locations to enjoy moments of relaxation and well- being, through our immaculate food and service.

Our capabilities include large scale catering, custom restaurants and cafes, coffee baristas, executive dining, event catering. Reflecting the potpourri of cultures and diversity encountered, our food delivers value, balance and nutrition at every step.

Key Proodle differentiators

Health and nutrition focussed approach to catering. Rather than enforce decisions, we take a communicative and information-based approach.

Comprehensive catering solutions and broad menu choices.

Multiple brands are available to cater to diverse food needs and requirements, including continental, Chinese, Mexican etc.

World class menu engineering with a healthy and holistic approach.

Regularly updated menus.

Seasonal food festivals and information-based approach to diets and food choices.

Flexible product and service offerings to suit your exact needs

We work in tandem with you to create an energized workplace and achieve high levels of employee well-being and productivity.

Operational excellence, open feedback loops and absolute transparency at every touchpoint.

Ability to cater to foreign and out-of- station guests with suitable menu choices.

Food court models with international food joints available.